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Chicago Coupons- The Best Coupon Aggregator Site to Help You

Chicago coupon is a coupon aggregator site based in Chicago. The company offers coupons and deals for various businesses like restaurants, wellness centers, shopping, delivery, etc from Chicago. Being a coupon company for Chicago natives, they understand the demands of citizens of Chicago and understand that they love to go on shopping and also love discounts.

This website offers daily coupons, deals, and discount coupons for its members. Their site has different coupons and one can find all these coupons on their homepage or search for coupons in your preferred area like entertainment shopping, dining, etc.



Despite being a good and well-established Coupon aggregator website, Chicago Coupon faced a lot of problems. Even though their coupons and deals were great and amazing, there were many internal and external factors and problems that stopped the growth of this reputed site.

Any website, especially a coupon aggregator website often faces multiple challenges. The problems made a negative impact on their business and client base and also lowered their popularity. The site faced the following problems-

Low opt-in

As s coupon aggregator website, Chicago Coupons was suffering from lower opt-in rates, which was a big problem. In the case of websites, opt-in is essential because it defines a positive reaction. If a user chooses to opt-in for the services for Chicago coupons and subscribes to their regular updates, they become regular to the site and often return to the site multiple times to find deals.

But, this was not happening for Chicago Coupon. Their opt-in rate was very low. That means consumers were only using it to get the coupons for once or twice and did not want to become a regular subscriber. This means that the clients and visitors were not interested in becoming a loyal subscriber and it was not a good sign for any site. It affected their reach and the overall traffic

Low engagement rate

The engagement rate is also a crucial matter for any website. When a user or a visitor signs up for the regular services on a website they expect to get what they want. Engagement rate also helps in monitoring the reach of the website, how well it can meet the expectations from the subscribers and clients, and how much people appreciate their service. In the case of software-as-a-service or SaaS settings, the engagement rate defines how a customer can realize the value of the service provided by that website.

The engagement rate was very low for Chicago coupons. That means people were not engaged positively and actively on the site of Chicago coupons. They were downloading the deals but the overall engaged users were declining. That means the users were unable to realize how the service was valuable or possibly they were not satisfied with the services provided by the website.

High unsubscribe rate

The subscription rate was also declining rapidly. The subscribe rate is important for any website. The unsubscribe rate of 0.25 to 0.5% is considered as an average unsubscribe rate. But it was more than the safe limit in the case of Chicago coupons. This phenomenon signaled that something was deeply wrong with the site and their site was losing its relevance among visitors. It also signaled that customers were not happy with the services and wanted and expected something more

Low CTRs on Notification

CTR signifies the number of clicks a website receives by impressions or the number of times content is displayed. For any coupon aggregator site, the CTR rate decliner and it also affected the purpose and campaigns of Their Website. It also greatly affected their cost per click or CPC rate and it was really low. So it affected their rate of Investment or ROI.


Chicago Coupons wanted an effective solution for each of these following problems. They wanted to make the website popular and relevant again which had a decent fan base among coupon lovers. Hence they asked for help from Zestminds.

Zestminds offered a special team that tried to find the reasons behind these problems faced by Chicago Coupons. They implemented an effective SaaS and cloud-based solution to offer proper and wholesome solutions for these procedures.Zestminds offered the following solutions to Chicago Coupons to make it one of the leading coupon companies-


Dynamic Content

Content is one of the best ways to promote a website and make it appear relevant in front of the targeted audience. Informative content attracts the attention of people and also allows them to visit the site. ZestMinds invested time in designing unique and proper content which was informative and dynamic. The content allowed them to design a unified campaign which ensured the website reached more people. The content were enough to offer a decent edge and solution to the problems faced by Chicago Coupons.

Auto segmentation of subscribers and Behavioral Automationt

Zestminds also offered effective client segmentation and behavioral automation.

The auto segmentation of the visitors and subscribers allowed Chicago Coupon to have a better understanding of their client base and the individual needs. Moreover, the segmentation also allowed clients to find coupons and deals related to apps that were installed on their phones or devices. It was enough to attract visitors to make them loyal subscribers. Moreover, behavioral automation also offered a better understanding of client patterns and engagement rates.

The recommended solutions that Zestminds offers were-

  • Easy and fast loading website
  • User-Friendly admin panel so that any merchant could upload their deals and coupons on Chicago Coupons without any complication. It also allowed them to upload coupons faster.
  • Factors to customize the deal related matters like the validity, the deal policies, targeted clients, deal amount, etc. according to the demand of clients and subscribers
  • Wide range of discount coupons and deals so that anyone can find their required service easily
  • Proper analysis of customer wish lists that allowed the merchants to actualize the products and services according to their demand of clients
  • Exclusive offers and season special offers to attract a wide range of customers
  • Dashboard to check real-time analytics and reports


With ZestMinds service and the effort of their team, Chicago Coupons successfully overcame all the problems and challenges. They once again became a people’s favorite and people were eager to get deals from Chicago Coupons.

Zestminds offers similar aspects for any kind of website. If your business and website is any problem you can contact ZestMinds, They have a huge talent pool to offer you the service you need. With their services, your website can easily overcome any changes effectively.

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