A SaaS based Marketing Platform for Small Businesses to Create Ready-to-Use Marketing Websites on the Fly

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Easy Marketing


Easy Marketing App is a platform designed for small to midsize businesses in the US. The app helps them fulfil their basic marketing needs such as creating websites, managing contact form, organizing leads, sending mailers etc, without depending upon developers or marketers from outside.

Easy Marketing


The client wanted to create a platform that could enable a user to single-handedly manage marketing basics such as creating a website, adding SEO essentials, tracking contact form entries etc.

The prime goal was to help small and midsize business owners minimize their expenditure and dependability on third-party developers or marketing professionals.

It was equally crucial to rise above the limitations experienced with existing page builder applications -- by introducing features for marketing, as well.

Easy Marketing


Zestminds was chosen for building the Easy Marketing App and redefining the journey for business owners and entrepreneurs.

We remained instrumental in identifying the most essential marketing requirements that could be brought to the fingertips of the users in a single and automated platform, and drive real value for them.

Multiple Websites through One App

We designed the platform in such a way that the same user could create multiple websites or replicate the structure of the first website with a single click.

We added an extensive variety of templates and layouts as well as the options to play around with different elements across the sections within one website. This helped us provide an edge to the users for creating the most stunning websites - with a zero compromise on designs.

The domain and hosting were taken care of too, without the need for the user to purchase it separately.

Services Involved

UX Design, Web Development, Multi-Tenant Portal Development, Automated Page Builder Development.

Simplified SEO Tags and Keyword Insertion

We ensured the user does not have to skim through the code while looking for the right place to add meta tags and descriptions. The fields were created on the front-end for instant upload or modification.

Tracking Visitors, Analytics and Contact Form Entries

The platform smartly captures and organises contact details of people filling up the contact form on the website.

The contact lists are just a click away and can further be grouped or classified for creating separate mailing lists. It was designed in such a way that it automatically tracks and updates the number of visitors, contact details etc in real time and the user never has to look for those details anywhere else. It is right there on the dashboard.

Managing Email Campaigns & Follow Ups

The app dashboard is not limited to data capturing. The user could use the same window to manage multiple email campaigns and maintain a huge sequence of mailers, follow ups and even set reminders.

We discovered this as a key feature that made the life of business owners easy, and accelerated the value for converting leads they generated every day through the website


The app turned out to be a game-changer for several users across the markets of the US. It offered a great flexibility, creativity and competitive edge to business owners, especially, during the Covid times where incomes were already constrained. The app helped many of the users in curtailing their expenses and launch delays caused otherwise due to dependability on others and budget limitations while looking to outsource website development and basic marketing work.

We Helped our Client

  • Offer more value at affordable costs.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity at the right time.
  • Record a 50% rise in the sales.
  • Solve a real business problem for many.
  • Drive innovation during crisis (Covid times).
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